Internal Fellowships

Award Description: Faculty Fellowships are term-limited awards that are both honorific and monetary. The purpose of the Fellowships is to reward and support outstanding teacher-scholars in the College. Fellowships are typically awarded for two to three years, during which time the awardee holds a title named for the donor(s) who endowed the fellowship [eg: Gale Faculty Fellow]. During the term of the fellowship, the faculty member also has access to the financial award options outlined in the award letter.

The particular terms of each fellowship are established by the donors who endow the funds, and thus vary. Some fellowships are designated for junior faculty, some for recently tenured faculty, and some are open to all faculty. Some fellowships carry preferences for particular disciplines or divisions in the College or other restrictions. The number of open fellowships in each category varies from year to year.

Eligibility: Tenure track and tenured faculty are eligible to hold faculty fellowships. Faculty may not hold more than one named award or fellowships concurrently, and fellowships are typically not renewable. Faculty who have held fellowships may be nominated for future awards.

Criteria: The nominees should be outstanding teacher-scholars with strong records and demonstrable promise for continued excellence. In addition, nominees should be outstanding citizens of the department, College and University, demonstrating collegial involvement in the life and development of their programs as well as a commitment to faculty student engagement.

Nomination Process: The Associate Dean for Research, Scholarship, and Creativity will solicit nominations every spring for open fellowships. Departmental chairs and senior faculty in the College are invited to submit nominations. Nominations must include the following:

  • Nomination letter which must give evidence of excellence in teaching, scholarly or creative activity, commitment to student engagement and contributions to the life of the department or institution
  • Teaching evaluations from previous three semesters
  • A current CV

Selection Process: The Associate Dean for Research, Scholarship, and Creativity will chair a selection committee comprised of outstanding faculty from across all five divisions. The Committee will review and rank nominations according to the criteria above.  Award announcements will typically be made in April.

External Fellowships

Faculty applying for external fellowships must complete and submit this form to the department chair or program director. The department chair, or program director, will sign and forward the routing form along with a completed Leave Replacement Form to the Associate Dean for Research, Scholarship, and Creativity.

Hebrew University Faculty Exchange

Lady Davis Fellowship (semester at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem). Wake Forest faculty interested in spending a semester at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem are eligible for the prestigious Lady Davis Fellowship that pays a generous stipend and travel expenses. The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, founded in 1925 by Einstein, Freud and Buber among others, is located on Mt. Scopus overlooking Jerusalem. Please see the Lady Davis Fellowship Trust website at: http://ldft.huji.ac.il/upload/info/

Please contact David Weinstein weinstd@nullwfu.edu in the Department of Political Science, or Randy Rogan (rogan@nullwfu.edu) Associate Dean for Academic Planning, if you have any questions about spending a year in Jerusalem as part of the Wake Forest University-Hebrew University of Jerusalem faculty exchange or about applying for a Lady Davis Fellowship.