In the spring of 2015, the Dean’s Office launched a professional development initiative to highlight diversity and inclusion topics for College Faculty. Known as MIMA (Maximizing Inclusivity + Minimizing Apathy), the program is aimed at increasing faculty’s knowledge, awareness, and culturally-related skills in the broad area of multicultural competence. What started out as an initiative focused on College Faculty has since grown to include faculty, staff, and even alumni from across the Wake Forest community.

MIMA is organized around a series of workshops offered once a term, wherein faculty sign up to attend through the Professional Development Center. Oftentimes, the workshops are designed and presented in partnership with offices from across the university (e.g., the Teaching and Learning Collaborative; Global Programs and Studies; etc.). Dates and specific topics to be presented are advertised through the Dean’s Digest 6-8 weeks before they are to take place. Finally, department chairs and program coordinators are encouraged to support faculty attendance at MIMA workshops, and those faculty should be asked to “bring back” what they learned from the MIMA workshop to share with their departments or programs. For further questions about MIMA, or to suggest a topic for presentation, please contact Senior Associate Dean José Villalba.

Past MIMA Workshops (PowerPoints):

  • Spring 2015: Campus Climate Forum (click here)
  • Fall 2015: Inclusive Pedagogy (click here)
  • Winter 2016: Facilitating Difficult Classroom Discussions (click here)
  • Spring 2016: The Effect of Differences in SocioEconomic Status of Students (click here)
  • Fall 2016: The Intersection of Mental Health Concerns and Academic Learning (click here)
  • Spring 2017: The Internationalization of the Wake Forest Community (click here)