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Orientation Materials

Orientation for New College Faculty | Friday, August 19, 2016 | Graylyn Conference Center


2016-2017 Handbook for New Faculty Members

Teaching Student Athletics

View the detailed Orientation Agenda »

9:30 a.m.      Continental Breakfast

10:00 a.m.   Welcome and Introduction to the College: Michele Gillespie, Dean of the College

  • The Office of the Dean of the College Website
  • Associate Deans and Support Staff

10:30 a.m.   The Office of Academic Advising, Christy Buchanan, Senior Associate Dean for Academic Advising

10:45 a.m.   Cultivating your Scholarly Pursuits, Tony Marsh, Associate Dean for Research, Scholarship, and Creativity

  • Where to go when you need help around Scholarship and Creative Work
    • Leaves, Fellowships and Funding
    • Tenure and Promotion
    • Support for Professional Development and Success

10:55 a.m.    The Honors and Ethics Process, John Dinan and Barry Maine, Professors, Wake Forest College

11:00 a.m.   Break

11:15 a.m.     Scenarios for Selected University-Wide Support Systems

  • Helping Students Work Towards Academic Success
    • The Teaching & Learning Center – Catherine Ross
    • The Learning Assistance Office and Program – Michael Shuman
    • The Writing Center – Ryan Shirey
    • OPCD – Patrick Sullivan
    • Wake Forest Scholars Office – Tom Phillips
  • Facilitating Students’ Personal-Social Development
    • The Counseling Center – James Raper
    • The Women’s Center – Paige Meltzer
    • LGBTQ Center – Angela Mazaris
    • Magnolia Scholars – Nate French
    • Intercultural Center – Jonathan McElderry

Noon       Welcome from Dr. Nathan O. Hatch, University President

12:15-1:30 p.m. Lunch

1:45 p.m. Wake Forest Faculty Experiences (name, department affiliation, and division affiliation)

  • Tiffany Judy – Spanish (Div. 2)
  • Sandeep Mazumder – Economics (Div. 4)
  • Mary Pendergraft – Classics (Div. 1)
  • Pat Dixon – Music (Div. 3)
  • Rian Bowie – English (Div. 2)
  • Wayne Silver – Biology (Div. 5)

2:45 p.m.          Wine and Cheese Reception

2016-2017 Program Websites

2015-2016 Office of the Dean of Wake Forest College Contact Information


Michele Gillespie
ext. 4270

Senior Associate Deans:

Christy Buchanan
Academic Advising
ext. 5123

José Villalba
Faculty, Evaluation and Inclusivity
ext. 5840

Associate Deans:

Christa Colyer
Academic Planning
ext. 5063

Anthony Marsh
Research, Scholarship and Creativity
ext. 4687

Thomas Phillips
Associate Dean and Director of the Wake Forest Scholars Program
ext. 5180

Assistant Deans/Director:

Karen Bennett
Academic Advising
ext. 5647

Rick Matthews
Director, Academics and Instructional Technology
ext. 5340

Kimberly Wieters
Finance and Administration
ext. 4560

2016-2017 Scholar Program

Nate French
Director, Magnolia Scholars
ext. 3107

Tom Phillips
Director, Wake Forest Scholars
ext. 5180


Brian Thomas Hart
Wake Forest Fellow
ext. 2020

Jane Caldwell
Assoc. Athletic Dir. for Student-Athlete Academic
Services/Assistant to the Dean
ext. 6010


Kimberly Wieters
Finance and Administration
ext. 4560

Seneca Rudd
Director of Finance and Administration
ext. 3711


Melissa Cumbia
Academic Counselor
ext. 3101

Shannon McKinney
Academic Counselor

Terrance Polk
Academic Counselor
ext. 3102

Shane Weimer
Academic Advising Counselor
ext. 3104

2016-2017 Support Staff

Carol Benford
Administrative Assistant, Academic Advising
ext. 2973

Tammy Burke Griffin
Assistant to the Associate Dean for Student-Faculty
Academic Initiatives
ext. 4939

Denise Griggs
Assistant to the Dean of Wake Forest College
ext. 3418

Anna Henley
Administrative Assistant to the Senior Associate Dean for Academic Planning & Summer School
ext. 2330

Melanie Hylton
Administrative Assistant
ext. 5311

Debbie Lafferty
Administrative Secretary, Academic Advising
ext. 3320

Karen McCormick
Administrative Assistant to the Senior Associate Dean for Faculty, Evaluation and Inclusivity
ext. 5835

Amanda Tingle
Administrative Assistant, Magnolia Scholars
ext. 7749

2016-2017 Speaker Contact Information

Helping Students Work Towards their Academic Success
Catherine Ross, Teaching & Learning Center |
Michael Shuman, Learning Assistance Office & Program |
Ryan Shirey, Writing Center |
Patrick Sullivan, Office of Personal and Career Development |
Tom Phillips, Wake Forest Scholars |

Facilitating Students’ Personal-Social Development
James Raper, The Counseling Center |
Paige Meltzer, The Women’s Center |
Angela Mazaris, LGBTQ Center |
Nate French, Magnolia Scholars |
Jonathan McElderry, Intercultural Center |

Wake Forest Faculty Experiences
Tiffany Judy, Romance Languages |
Sandeep Mazumder, Economics |
Mary Pendergraft, Classical Languages |
Pat Dixon, Music |
Rian Bowie, English |
Wayne Silver, Biology |

Introduction to the Office of Academic Advising

Who we are:

Finding us:
Office of Academic Advising, Reynolda Hall 125
336.758.3320 or 336.758.2973

Related resources:

Registrar’s Office, Reynolda 101

Writing Center

Math Center

Statement on Academic Writing

Student Life & Judicial

What we do:

  • Assist with drop/add procedures
  • Early warning system, MIA reports from faculty
  • Misbehaving students, consultations with faculty
  • Sick students, passing on the facts that we know
  • Part-time status, withdrawals, re-admissions, academic probation/suspension
  • Requests for exceptions to academic rules, with Committee on Academic Affairs
  • Talking with parents, we don’t encourage direct communications with faculty
  • Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA)
  • Midterm grades, please submit!
  • Incompletes, please issue only for medical or similar reasons beyond student control
  • Questions about plagiarism, cheating, academic honor
  • Referrals to judicial authorities
  • Orientation planning, with Committee on Orientation and Lower Division Advising
  • Learning about and helping to register new students
  • Lower Division Advising, recruiting faculty and student (peer) advisers