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Recruitment & Hiring
Recruitment Expense Guidelines
Sample Job Advertisement
Research Start-up Expenditure Guidelines

Academic Planning
Major & Minor Approval Procedures
Procedures for Closing Minors
Minimum Course Enrollment Policy (coming soon)

Faculty Medical and Parental Leave: To request a parental leave, please fill out the Request for Family and Medical Leave form.

Tenure-track Faculty Information

Tenure & Promotion
College Guidelines for Tenure & Promotion
Tenure & Promotion Dossier Guidelines

Leaves Leave committees give great consideration to chair recommendation letters. We ask that chairs take care to provide detailed recommendations to assist the committees in making their judgments. Research Leaves and Junior Faculty Leaves. Leaves are awarded based on merit and proposals for senior faculty and are guaranteed for junior faculty.
Junior Leaves
Reynolds Leaves

Non-tenure track Faculty Information

Evaluation & Promotion
Evaluation Criteria for Teaching Professionals
Dossier Preparation Guidelines for Promotion for Teaching Professionals