Tenure & Promotion Dossier Guidelines

Please submit only one copy of complete dossier. These guidelines apply to candidates for Tenure and Promotion and candidates for Promotion to Full Professor.

Submit materials in 3 ring binder(s) in the following order separated by labeled tabs:

  • Tenure and Promotion Form submitted by department chair.
  • Candidate’s brief cover letter.
  • Candidate’s CV including resume of teaching, research, and service contributions. Peer reviewed and non-peer reviewed publications, shows, performances, presentations should be listed separately. A list all courses taught at Wake Forest and the frequency of these offerings (offered once, offered every two years, etc.) should also be included.
  • Candidate’s Teaching and Research Statement (one document, roughly 5 pages). These statements should include:
    • teaching philosophy
    • pedagogical growth and development
    • summary and trajectory of scholarly or creative activity
    • connection between teaching and scholarship, if applicable
  • In the case of candidates up for tenure and promotion to Associate Professor, copies of all previous pre-tenure review documents (not necessary for promotion to Full Professor).
  • Teaching/course evaluations from the last 3 semesters. Any committee or peer assessments of teaching, along with any course portfolios or self-assessments may be included. If letters from former students are included, the students should have been randomly selected.
  • A copy of the chair’s letter sent to external reviewers.
  • All external review letters (a minimum of three (3) outside evaluator letters is required). The majority of those letters (2/3 if there are only 3 letters) must be from people not recommended by the candidate. If more than three letters are solicited, the majority must still be from people not recommended by the candidate. Conflicts of interest should be avoided (no letters from former advisers, collaborators, personal friends, etc).
  • Copies of selected publications and/or other evidence of scholarly/creative works completed. Reviews of completed works may be included as well as evidence of citation by others or evidence of the number of libraries which contain the work.
  • Candidate’s last name should appear on spine of binder.